HELLA Industries and HELLUX will become one!

Hamburg / Laatzen, 2 June 2016  - The Wünsche Group, which is behind HELLUX, will acquire HELLA Industries from HELLA, an automotive supplier, and bring them together under the same roof. The focus of the acquired division is on indoor and outdoor lighting in the area of street lights and industrial lights. This will complement HELLUX's existing portfolio in an ideal way. Therefore, in the future, a total of three lighting brands will be part of the Wünsche Group: HELLUX, HELLA Industries and Müller Licht. Through the divisional acquisition, the Wünsche Group is seeking to establish a leading role in the professional market with HELLUX, in the medium term, and will develop the company into a system supplier for lighting.

The acquisition will be by way of a so-called asset deal.  Within the framework of the divisional acquisition, HELLUX will take over the assets, rights, patents, production systems and customer contracts. The completion of the purchase agreement is still subject to approval by the cartel authorities. It has been agreed that the purchase price – which be self-financed by the prosperous Wünsche Group – will remain confidential. The HELLA Industries brand will continue to operate for three years.

For Wünsche, the acquisition is a promising transaction. HELLUX, a medium-sized enterprise that is part of the Wünsche Group, will be able to expand its business activities significantly and, in the future, provide a full product range in a growth market. In addition to extending the product range, the divisional acquisition will strengthen the strategically important sales organisation and development department. In effect, in the course of the acquisition, two smaller market players will combine to give rise to a leading supplier for indoor and outdoor lighting in the business customer area with turnover in the mid double-digit million range. Wünsche believes that there will be benefits not only from cost synergies but also from the pooling of expertise.

"This acquisition is a strategically important milestone. We are combining two companies to create a major player. At the same time, we are developing professional lighting technology into an important segment within the Group", commented Björn Peters, Managing Partner at Wünsche.

The Managing Director of HELLUX, Mathias Schmidt, is also very pleased with the deal: "The expansion of our business area will be driven not just by the organic growth at HELLUX. Two market players that fit perfectly together and complement each other are coming together here. Moreover, the HELLA Industries division, in terms of size, is an optimum fit in the medium-sized business structure. Over the next three years, we will strive together to become leading suppliers in the relevant market segments."

"We are pleased to have found in the Wünsche Group, which is behind HELLUX, a strategic investor for our street lighting and industrial lighting businesses that will be able to comprehensively develop the existing potential of these activities", said the Chairman of the HELLA Management Board, Dr. Rolf Breidenbach. HELLA, an automotive supplier with international operations, decided, in the course of optimising its portfolio in the Special Applications business segment, to sell this part of its business.  

The integration of this division should be completed by the end of 2016. In the future, the operative business of the expanded company will be run, as far as possible, by the existing HELLA management team. Production will be based mainly at the HELLUX headquarters in Laatzen. Through the integration of HELLA Industries, the total number of employees at HELLUX will increase to around 150.