Modular LED lighting concept to cover all different types of streets (S and ME classes)
Integrated optical system with guaranteed minimal losses
Perfectly insulated LED unit
Highly adaptable electronic concept
Replaceable electronic driver unit, comprising electronic driver and optional intelligent
modules (housing IP67)


The most important areas of application:

  • All outdoor areas 
  • Roads in residential areas 
  • Secondary roads 
  • Main roads 
  • Parking areas


Technical Data:

Materials: Aluminum die casting, SMART BOX: PC / A BS, fire-resistant
Dimensions: 815 x 350 x 130 mm
Color temperature: 43,000 K (warm white), 4,000 K (neutral white), 5,000 K (cold white)
Power consumption: 14,5 W - 164 W
Luminous flux over lifetime: 90% after 60,000 hours (IES LM 80 & TM 21), 80% after 100,000 hours
Certification: CE, ENEC, VDE, EMC, A, A+, A++


Other advantages:

  • Modules and box can be replaced without tools (Plug & Play) 
  • Optional constant luminous flux possible 
  • Development and production in Germany


Technical Datasheet