WAGO GmbH // Project hall lighting

The IL UP provides more light

Good light plays an extremely important role in our professional life.

The right light makes it easier for us to read and to see, to foster our concentration and to increase the motivation and performance of our employees. It also keeps us healthy and ensures a pleasant and positive mood in our work area.
These aspects are particularly important to the company WAGO GmbH in Minden and therefore it had opted for a new and more effective lighting.

For these reasons, the company from North Rhine-Westphalia has equipped its production halls with new and more efficient luminaires.

For this reason, the company from Baden-Württemberg will equip its production halls with new and more efficient luminaires. The "IL UP" luminaire impressed with its performance and exemplary illumination and was therefore installed in 2017 in a first, predefined hall area. Further hall areas are to follow.
The aim of the project was primarily the topic of "energy saving" and the improvement of the light of the production halls.

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(Photo by Arian Schmidtchen)