HELLUX realised one of the biggest Smart City Lighting projects with intelligent technology in Germany.

Laatzen, 18.03.2016 - Since a strategic realignment in spring 2015, the Lower Saxony (Germany) based traditional company HELLUX is on course for success. It’s not a coincidence that the city of Düren relies on HELLUX for its major project of modernization of the city lights: HELLUX convinced with cost saving and proven LED technology in combination with a digital lighting management system (LMS) and prevailed against three known competitors. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Environment, this project is the largest of its kind in Germany, realized in one step. Furthermore it’s an important step towards Smart City.

The intelligent control of different systems is surely an interesting task.” said the graduate engineer Richard Müllejans, director of Düren’s service enterprise in Germany. Düren will not only profit of the energy savings by means of LED-technology but also by using an intelligent light managing system.

The lightings will communicate with each other as a through their integrated antenna. Subsequently, the files will be encoded and sent to the server or the database by means of the global system for mobile communication (GSM). Thanks to this method, files can easily be controlled and the lightings can be adapted via an online portal or the smartphone. Secondary roads become brighter and safer while the light intensity can be adapted to the real light conditions. Besides this improvement, also more costs will be saved.