Light, this is what we can do for you.

The LUNUX Lighting GmbH stands for professional LED outdoor and indoor lighting. We develop and produce our items for local authorities, private promotors, industry, trade, office, logistic and railway. As a widely based system supplier we can respond to the most diverse customer needs.

Since 1973 we develop and produce at our headquarters in Laatzen lighting fixtures, light pillars and light track systems. We support our customers with the planning with their Hellux fixtures on demand. We already help before the installation of the first light through CAD-design, EMC-measures or custom made samples.

Individual. Specialised. Innovative.

This is the principal of values on which LUNUX Lighting works in its product portfolios. Since only who really wants to solve customer needs individually and custom made must have innovative ideas, beside specific expertise. We have them! Based on our years of experience in lighting development, optics, light integration and lighting control.

The special thing about LUNUX Lighting is the special being of our customers. Because we respond to complex requirements with our highly specialized knowledge and our individual products. At LUNUX Lighting we always focus on topics which due to experience we know particularly well.

Only the whole deserves the name Solution.

Especially the required mix is our strength, made of project specifications, the required lighting efficiency and quality products. Whether quickly available standard products with cutting-edge LED modules or small batches with individual equipment especially manufactured, we have solutions that benchmark thanks to their high functional maturity and standards in design and efficiency. We reply on a high level of vertical integration in Germany, with in-house lighting design, construction, assembly and paint shop.

The same care also applies to the selection of our suppliers since LUNUX Lighting exclusively works with reputable and reliable ones.

Only through the absolute focus on the essential needs of the customer we can exist with our performance. Our customers want from us both standardized and very specific lighting concepts. We master both.


1895 Incorporation of a company for lighting fixtures in Hannover. Registration of the brand “Hellux”

1973 Move to the site in Laatzen

2008 Fusion with Construktions-Licht GmbH (Berlin) to the Hellux Group

 2012 Takeover of Hellux Group and Lite-Licht GmbH (Herzebrock-Clarholz) by ZETT OPTICS GmbH (Braunschweig)

2015 New incorporation of HELLUX International GmbH with majority shareholder WÜNSCHE GROUP

2016 Acquisition of the business unit HELLA Industries from the HELLA Company

2016 Name change of HELLUX International GmbH into LUNUX GmbH