Gruenwinkler Bridge, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Handrail light 907

The Grünwinkler bridge is an important link from Grünwinkel in the city center over the Maxau and rail freight in Karlsruhe. In 2014 the bridge was entirely reconstructed. In addition to the basic renovation of the concrete also the bridge’s parapet was renewed. For design reasons, the lighting had to have been fully integrated into the bridge’s parapet. This has been fully achieved with the Hellux Type 907 with a cross section of 45x70mm.

The lamp produces a completely uniform illumination and totally avoids the glare of the locomotive drivers. The power supply is achieved with a 5-core through-wiring.

Likewise, the staircases and stairways were given a new lighting with HELLUX type 3066 lamps, which solves the lighting task of completely glare-free as well.