Food industry

LUNUX is geared up for the food industry!

Our conformity for use in the food and drink industry has been tested by external testing institute DQS.

DIN 10500 Certificate

The following lights can therefore be used in the food and drink industry without hesitation:

LUNUX’s comprehensive product portfolio has been tested according to DIN 10500 and can meet the food and drink industry’s high standards. Special requirements are in place for all businesses in the food sector to ensure their food’s quality and safety

These requirements are based on the standards used by the International Featured Standard-Food & British Retail Consortium. These standards are used throughout the food and drink industry supply chain. The light solutions used also have to meet stringent requirements to be able to meet these needs:

  • Standardised lighting of all work areas
  • Work areas with extreme temperatures from -40 up to +70 °C (e.g. deep-freeze areas or close to ovens)
  • Impact-resistant and tough materials ensure shatter protection and rupture safety
  • Particular long service life of up to 60,000h at L80/B10 (virtually no maintenance costs)
  • High chemical resistance by using PC, PMMA, aluminium and steel.
  • Smooth surfaces ensure that they are easy to clean and work against dirt deposits.