Smart +

Intelligent lighting system

What does Smart PLUS mean?

It is already clear today: the light source with a future is called LED. We are doing our best to vigorously expand this strong position in the context of LUNUX LED lighting technology. With innovations that is sustainably improve light adaptation and efficiency. And that is precisely what we achieve with "Smart +", the Zhaga Book 18 interface. For example, their use opens up unimaginable options for municipal lighting, because via the web portal and smartphone "Smart +" enables the entire administration and flexible control of the system. Thus, e.g. the brightness is dimmed to current requirements at all times, energy consumption is controlled and electricity costs are saved.


Standardized interfaces

The system architecture includes a 4-pin connector specified by the Zhaga consortium and DALI 2-based system-ready interface. Special controllers and sensors are designed according to these interfaces and can be mounted without opening the luminaire, which enables easy plug-and-play. The Zhaga standardization and the SR certification program guarantee the compatibility of the components. This gives you access to a wide range of products and benefits from the innovations of different suppliers.


Open innovation platforms

Some well-known providers of management systems and sensors are already participating in this innovation platform today. These innovation leaders benefit from the integrated power supply with 24 VDC and a communication protocol based on DALI 2.


Technological flexibility

The Zhaga interface provides the basis for developments in the area of ​​networking and sensor technology, and will allow future upgrading of public lighting to a modern Smart City infrastructure. Compatibility with products from different manufacturers increases flexibility in selecting the right technology. Depending on requirements and local opportunities, the luminaires can be equipped with the appropriate technology.


 April, 2019