Q-Rail X impresses with maximum flexibility and application-oriented solutions for a wide variety of areas in retail, industry and logistics, but also for corridors and even offices.


  • Fast: Tool-free and quick installation of the electrical units in the trunking, thanks to the specially devolped Lunux Lighting CLICKFAST system.
  • Flexible: 13 light distributions for different application areas
  • Efficient: Mid power LED module with up to 180 lm/W

The most important application areas:

  • Warehouses
  • Logistic halls
  • Industrial halls
  • Production halls
  • Retail Stores

Technical data:

Mounting method: suspension of the mounting rails on chain/steel cable; direct ceiling mounting; attachment to visible T-sections possible.
Protection class:
IP 40
Optical system:
extreme-low, low, medium-wide, wide, extreme-wide, double-asymmetrical (20°/40°)  asymmetrical (°20), opal, opal direct/indirect--beam light distribution
Luminaire luminous flux:
3,200 - 21,000 lm
Colour temperature:
3,000 / 4,000 K / 6500 K
Dimming (power control):
with / without DALI
Protection class:
Operating voltage / frequency:
220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Mounting height:
<3 - 20 m

Further advantages:

  • Flexibility in wiring: versions with 5, 7, 9 or 11 cores selectable, 14 cores on request Cost optimisation through the use of application-specific wiring
  • Large suspension distances of up to 4 m for fast installation
  • Trunking rail as infrastructure for light carriers with

    • Switching points / monitoring modules for central battery systems
    • Cameras
    • Loudspeakers
    • Escape sign luminaires

  • Easy later change of position if required
  • Light carriers available for general lighting, spotlights, emergency lighting, daylight and motion sensors, light control
  • Variants for integrating track spotlights
  • Stand-alone sensors can be integrated
  • Optimised light distributions
  • LED degradation of up to 100,000 hours (L80B20)
  • Mercury-free
  • Development and production in Germany


Industry Lighting Solutions

 Eulumdat Daten Q-RAIL-X


 Mounting instruction Q-Rail X

 Mounting instruction Q-Rail Electrical units with akku pack

 Monting instruction Q-Rail Daylight ans Presence Control sensor

 Monting instruction Q-Rail Presence Control sensor

 Monting instruction Q-Rail 3-C